from Ambitizers by TORLEY πŸ‰



There're these sushi places we go that always play the same music. If I had it my way, they'd be all cyberpunked out and the chef would be a cyborg who'd been through offworld battles. Why not? What's neat here is this track contains several repeating motifs that are staggered against each other so they feel less repetitive in a Reichian (Steve, not Hitler) way. I took sounds of chopping food on a board, wove them into a rhythm, and graced by shakuhachi, am hopeful I'll someday dine to this.


from Ambitizers, released March 24, 2010




TORLEY πŸ‰ Seattle, Washington

I make sonic science fiction: short sound stories with massive melodies and vibrant arrangements. I’ve discovered them from alternate realities, in an ongoing research project to expand the edges of expressive electronic music.

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