Vanishing Playground

from Ambitizers by TORLEY 🍉



I saturated channels to give a rich, pulsating sound, hence the name. Subtle layers that can barely be heard but nevertheless have an effect are homeopathic, only true. Sometimes I like descending melodies in thirds, they have an open strength with intimacy. Trivia: the crackle at 1:48 and elsewhere was a limitation of a demo-version synth I used but I worked it in anyway. If you can tell me which one, you're rather observant. Sometimes you have to open your windows and record the birds singing… I mean that figuratively. (The ending is Vangelistic.)


from Ambitizers, released March 24, 2010




TORLEY 🍉 Seattle, Washington

I make sonic science fiction: short sound stories with massive melodies and vibrant arrangements. I’ve discovered them from alternate realities, in an ongoing research project to expand the edges of expressive electronic music.

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