Sound of Spaces

from Ambitizers by TORLEY πŸ‰



If you like my solo piano stuff but yearn for glitchy growth, this is for you! Sometime ago when I was turned on by the Noto-Sakamoto alliance, I've been namedropping them ever since. Here, I felt a vibe like Eno's Music for Airports, but I wanted to take those tonalities and instead of a piano loop, dance them further and cut pieces into micro-rhythms. There's oodles of subtlety and it's amazing how much mileage you can get out of simply reversing a second-long snippet and bathing it in a reverb wash.


from Ambitizers, released March 24, 2010




TORLEY πŸ‰ Seattle, Washington

I make sonic science fiction: short sound stories with massive melodies and vibrant arrangements. I’ve discovered them from alternate realities, in an ongoing research project to expand the edges of expressive electronic music.

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